DPP07DF030E100A17My name is Ricky Siegers,
Indonesia origin. I have travelled and lived all over the world and finally found my home in Amsterdam theNetherlands, where I live with my beloved family.
Over a period of 7 years, I have established my self as a full time professional photographer specialised in documentary and street photography, from which latter is become my passion. I am very much attracted in observing people social life in an everyday environment, talk to people about the life they live and capturing every days human life in the street environment, thus telling the every day life story seen through my eye by means of my camera. Capturing my relation to the soul of the people and their story is of the utmost importance and gives me the satisfaction I need.
”I know it’s difficult to do something original and I know we are all influenced by other photographers when looking at their work. Consciously or unconsciously we always follow what we already have seen. But what I like is the different approach! Be original, even though the concept is not.”
My work has been published in many magazines and exhibitions from Amsterdam, New York, Sacramento and Jakarta to Bagdad and many more.
Apart from documentary- and street photography I am also specialised in product photography, commercial (culinary, hotel) photography for advertising purposes and special photo projects. I kindly invite you to visit my gallery on this website where you can find my work. Apart from photography I love to travel, cook, play the guitar, play football or just relax and go for a walk.I thank you very much for visiting my website, if you are interested in my work, or interested in my services for commercial work or special projects please contact me and we can work out a photographic concept suiting the client needs. 
For the past 4 years, I am working voluntarily  for 1x.com as a curator. The site is the worlds biggest curated photo gallery on the web. Feel free to check my gallery there.